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The star of this longer cut is the face framing strands and ability to play up volume and texture through styling techniques. Brighter golden strands around the face add dimension to the cut and shorter layers bring out the length while keeping the look not too weighed down. To achieve full, bouncy curls, the hair ...

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Soft Blunt Cut

Before to after of visually heavy, overgrown hair to a refreshed variation of Anh Co Tran’s signature soft undercut — the soft blunt cut. This look is achieved by layering the top through pivoting sections after sectioning off the baseline diagonally forward. The perimeter is established by connecting the baseline and finished off by point-cutting ...

Soft Undercut

A subtly side-parted take on the soft undercut, this collarbone length, shaggy style perfectly embodies carefree California Girl style with a chic upgrade. This look is a classic that will grow out seamlessly — from the rooted color gradient to point-cut ends, it’ll look just as good months from now as it did when first ...

Undone Loose Curls

Timeless undone and loose curls that emphasize subtle pops of highlight are the spotlight of this look, coupled with root lift and volume. The hair was first prepped with L’Oreal Professional 10 in 1 to protect the hair before being blow dried with the model’s head flipped upside-down. Blow drying this way at the roots ...

Soft Undercut

Who said flyaways were ever a bad thing? This collarbone length soft undercut is styled with very loose and undone waves with alternating directions at the ends to give windswept movement to the style. Individual strands are separated with L’Oreal Professional DePolish to define each wave, and finished off with Next Day Hair for that ...

Before and After

A before and after transformation that gives life and volume to a previously flat, one-length, blunt ends cut. The upgraded look adds soft layering for volume and point-cut face-framing strands. Tousled, lived-in waves are curled in alternate directions for movement and finished with L’Oreal Professional Next Day Hair for windswept texture.


Elegant loose curls that emphasize subtle pops of blonde are the spotlight of this look, in addition to mega lift and volume. Prior to blow drying with the head flipped, prep the damp hair with L’Oreal Pro 10 in 1 to protect the hair and use the lived in technique for classic, loose curls. The ...


This look gets an immediate refresh from long, overgrown and choppy split-ends to an above-the-shoulder blunt bob. By doing so, the weight of the hair is lightened, allowing for more lift and volume in the back — giving the style a light and airy quality. Sharp and blunt edges give a more edgy and high ...


Anh’s signature voluminous and choppy soft undercut look is perfectly complemented with alternating waves that make her bright blonde highlights and tips pop for this look! L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil is applied firstly for heat protection, and curls are alternated towards and away from the face to give a natural, beachy and lived-in look. Maximum texture ...

Lived-In Wave

Natural, alternating-direction curls are the star of this look to add dimension and draw attention to the model’s golden highlights on a darker brunette base. It was achieved through applying L’Oreal Professional Soft Curls on dry hair from the roots to ends to add body. Then curled with the Lived-In wave technique and finished off ...


Hayley Atwell is styled with a classic, femme fatale red carpet half up half down updo. An all-over wave creates a sleek yet voluminous front view, giving the hair texture despite being pulled back. The waves fall into a delicate, soft and timelessly feminine cascade, allowing her golden blonde highlights to pop when catching the ...


Extreme volume! Piecey waves with alternate direction ends give a naturally sun-kissed and windswept beach vibe to the model’s golden brown tips, emphasized using L’Oreal’s Spiral Queen for added curl definition. The hair is blow dried by flipping the head over and drying on the underside using the Dyson Hair Super Sonic with a spritz ...

Gwyneth + New York Times

Iconic and timeless, Gwyneth Paltrow’s platinum blonde hair is styled long and sleek with a middle part to channel a mod 1960’s vibe. To keep the look modern and fresh, face framing strands are pulled to the forefront to compliment her features and makeup, and finished off with L’Oreal Pro Mythic Oil for extra shine ...


A variation of the signature soft undercut, the soft blunt cut. The cut itself is achieved by sectioning off the baseline diagonally forward, layering the top through pivoting sections throughout and finishing by establishing the perimeter by connecting the baseline and point-cutting to soften the edges. Styled with a softened nu wave to make bright ...


Refreshed and multidimensional, cut and color perfectly balance and enhance each other in this look. Pops of bright blonde tips and face framing strands pop through the soft undercut lob technique, achieved by taking two diagonal sections from the optical bone to the top of the ear. Then, deep parallel point cutting the base-line, adding ...


Classic and elegant, this mid-length cut utilizes a dramatic front curl to emphasize the model’s golden face-framing highlights while being balanced out with natural, loose waves throughout the style. Loose curls compliment a below-the-shoulder length by causing the hair to fall delicately on the body while maintaining volume. Achieved using the horizontal undercut technique and ...


A long golden brown to honey blonde look styled with Anh Co Tran’s signature Nu Wave technique. The wave is achieved by curling hair clamp side down, elevating for extra volume. While moving down the hair, alternate the clamp side to create a natural and lived in wave. The look is then finished off with ...


Debuting their newly chopped look, celebrities, models and influencers such as Aimee Song, Jen Atkin, Diane Kruger and Jessica Chastain refreshed their look with a textured, above-the-shoulder bob. An incredibly versatile style, the textured bob ranges from elegant and classic to high fashion edge, especially with the addition of Anh Co Tran’s natural, effortless styling.


Multidimensional and with a natural, lived-in look, this soft undercut look was achieved through dry cutting the hair. First prepped with L’Oreal Professional Nourishing Oil and blow dried smooth prior to cutting, and finished with dusting the ends to clean up split ends without altering the length. The effortless wave is enhanced through curling brighter ...


The ultimate transformation and fresh start! Long, flat and overgrown hair with uneven and unhealthy ends is refreshed into a voluminous and bouncy lob. The ends are cleaned up to flatter model’s head shape, lifting the back of the cut to round out the head and add lightness to her look. Stylized and natural waves ...


A softer and feminine voluminous lob is styled with loose waves and brightly highlighted face-framing strands. Texture and volume give this look a California beach vibe with a modern refresh.  


Super-modern ear-length cut with sharp edges refresh this classic box bob style. Blunt, dark bangs provide contrast to the model’s skin tone, making the cut pop!


Glamorous and timeless, this look is styled with loose, lived-in waves that attract attention to the face and compliment the bright-golden blonde color. Front face-framing strands compliment a middle-parted style through texture and volume throughout.


Naturally textured hair upgraded and refreshed with a shaggy, voluminous lob. Modern and natural, golden multidimensional color is styled with piece-y waves and mega texture!


Middle-parted and long dark hair are an elegant pairing, styled with loose curls to emphasize subtle golden highlights. A classic look!


Beachy and textured shoulder-length, shaggy grunge inspired men’s cut. Face-framing strands and piece-y, subtle waves add volume and emphasis to the natural + rooted sun-kissed California blonde hue.


Editorial inspired big curls with mega volume. Curls are piece-y and separated to emphasize their shape and styled with an asymmetrical side-part to maximize the voluminous effect.


Natural and tousled lob with Anh Co Tran’s signature Soft Undercut technique. Styled with a classic lived-in wave to emphasize a rooted bright blonde highlight. Perfect for a casual summertime vibe.


      Edgy ear-length brunette bob with crisp, clean edges. A modern take on a timeless look.

How To Keep Your Hair From Looking Greasy

How To Keep Your Hair From Looking Greasy: Dry shampoo is your best friend. Also, instead of shampooing every day, rinse with just water and scrub with your fingers to help distribute the natural oils throughout the hair strand.

Which Kind Of Curling Iron Should I Use For My Hair?

Which kind of curling iron should I use for my hair? If you are able to work with a Marcel iron, use that for more control over your waves. For beginners, you can use a wand but not the ones that taper out.

How To Create 5- Minute Beach Waves

 Total of three horizontal sections, first section is nape, second section up to the parietal ridge, third section is the top. For each section, take vertical sub sections and curl in alternating directions from each subsection. The more imperfect, the beachier/messier look.

Tips For Taking Care Of Long Hair

Use a moisturizing mask at least once a week. Always use a heat protectant and a moisturizing product after each shampoo and before each blow dry.


HALEY x SCHÖN: Using the Twisting technique to achieve this look.  Twist the hair from the back and upward to the front, then pin and sculpt it into the face area.


J E N: French Bob. #softblunt look using a #softundercut cutting technique to achieve movement and texture


    Cut for your face shape : All different shape for different kinds of haircuts and texture.  


  A #Softundercut cutting technique is used to achieve this undone bob.

Wave Formation Tutorial

Wave Formation tutorial : Using 2 different types, #Nuwave & #Livedin of styling techniques to achieve this natural movement